About Tri kidz School Project

TriKidz is a ‘participation based’ triathlon project aimed at primary school children. Our team of coaches deliver to primary schools all around the North West of England and it’s completely free of charge. The project was started by Epic Events and their partners The Endurance Store and B-Spoke Cycles. It’s funded by the Epic Kidz charity. We can deliver from year 1 through to year 6 and we bring all the necessary equipment to your school. In our first year, we delivered to 16,000 children of all abilities, it’s completely inclusive and our ‘tag line’ is swim, bike, fun…

We replicate swimming by using resistance bands, the children cycle on our adapted racing bikes (on static trainers… don’t need to be capable of riding a bike) and the running part is simple. To see more about what we do and how we deliver, you can see images on our Facebook Page

If you’d like to book TriKidz, then your primary school must contact us direct using the email info@trikidz.co.uk. You’ll need to schedule your timetable for the day, so years 1-6 each have a 45 minute time slot throughout the day. Ideally we’ll deliver outdoors on a hard surface, but we can deliver indoors if required or on playing field (if not too wet).

Contact us to book your free day of triathlon delivery and join the TriKidz revolution.

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