About Tri kidz

Tri Kidz is a free series of aquathlon events for children, funded by our Epic Kidz charity. Our mission is to encourage as many children as possible to take part. The distance is 25m/500m (age 7-9) and 50m/1k (age 10-14) and there are medals for all finishers. At our duathlon events we will organise a 1k run event, the minimum age is 5 years of age (children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult). We are actively encouraging schools and children’s voluntary groups to be involved. We will build an army of triathlon children and nothing will stand in our way.

Trail Kidz are delivered in conjunction with http:www.epicevents.co.uk who organise triathlon events throughout the North West. If we can get children to take part then it may encourage some of the parents to take part in novice adult events. It may not happen this year, but perhaps in 12 months time they will feel prepared. We’ll start with the little ones and the big ones will follow, their children will infect them with the triathlon bug.

Help us build the Tri Kidz army, please share this page and tell your friends who have children to come along to the events. It is not necessary for parents to take part in adult triathlon.

So you’d like to enter? That’s great, all the events are free, all children receive a medal and they are participation based (no times or prizes for winners).

To register for Tri kidz, go to the event page (menu above). Click the relevant Tri Kidz registration link, add an email and the names of the children taking part and we’ll see you on the day. No information is sent out before the event, just turn up beforehand, register on the day and take part.

Tri Kidz, building the triathlon army, it’s quite simply a triathlon revolution…

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